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Dolphin Cruises – Exciting – Inspiring – Fun

Dolphin cruises introduces us to the exciting wonder of these amazing sea mammals and more. Our guided dolphin cruises lets dolphin cruisesyou experience Florida’s wildlife the way it was meant to be enjoyed – in the many natural habitats found around the beautiful SWFL waterways and estuaries. Many of our dolphin cruises see more than just dolphins. Our private dolphin cruises are known for seeing Florida Manatees, Osprey’s fishing and nesting, Pelican’s diving for dinner and countless other local sea life.

At Private Yacht Charters, we provide an exceptional boating experience. Captain Ron is an avid boater living in Southwest Florida year-round and has over 50+ years of total boating experience. One of Capt. Ron’s favorites cruises are his dolphin cruises. Capt. Ron is happy to share with you his love of Florida, boating and the beautiful Southwest Florida dolphins.

Like all of our cruises, every dolphin cruise can be mixed and matched with any of our other cruises. Enjoy a morning watching dolphins playing followed by a lunch at Cabbage Key or a day at the beach on North Captiva. Every dolphin cruise can be tailored to meet your needs or unique taste. Or you can just sit back and relax and let us do the planning for you.

Just Escape Or Plan Special Dolphin Cruises

From time to time, we have all experience the hectic pace of daily life. Our goal at Private Yacht Charters is that our dolphin cruises are a way to take a step back in time when life might have been a little simpler or a little slower.

With any of our dolphin cruises, we like to say, “It’s Your Private Cruise!”. Let Captain Ron know what you want on your dolphin cruise, and he will do his best to meet your every need. Private Yacht Charter dolphin cruises can be tailored to meet your desire or special event. What makes our dolphin cruises unique includes:

– The privacy you get while cruising with us is priceless!
– The intimacy you can have with the ones you love is amazing!
– You imagine it, we work to make it happen!
– We can cater to your every need!
– We can help you plan and carry out your perfect day on the water!

Contact Private Yacht Charters for Perfectly Planned Dolphin Watch Cruises

If you are looking to enjoy exciting dolphin watch cruises without worrying about anything, make Private Yacht Charters your dolphin watch cruise destination of choice. To speak with Captain Ron call (540) 247-5299. Be sure to let us know of any special occasion or event that you may want to be planned during your dolphin watch cruise.

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